Guys Want a Guys Girl !

So Basically When Blythe Brumleve Started Her hobbies .. Daddys Little Girl Turned Out To Be a Sports loving, Video Game Playing, All Around “Geeks Dream!” She Also Does Some Part Time Modeling and Owns and Operates She Hails From Jacksonville, Florida But Is a True Red Sox Fan. You Have got To check out the website, from great sports writing to video games and all things Geek With a Touch of ” Girly” She Is The Real Deal and Her Writing Skills are Amazing. So Are her Head shots On Your Favorite First Person Shooter.

She is a B.W.G.E and a B.A.M.F. Hey Bat Girl !! :)

A Word from Blythe Brumleve:

“I wanted to start the website years ago because I thought I was always the only girl who loved sports and video games. Once I discovered the internet, I realized there was a network of girls who were just like me and were seeking representation. I find a lot of girls grew up either playing with Barbie™ dolls and makeup and never knowing sports and video games or grew up playing sports and video games and never learning how to put on makeup. That’s where comes in. We bridge the gap between tomboys and girly-girls.”

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